Friday, December 12, 2008

Empire Magazine's Greatest Movie Character List

I was reading this list from the british movie magazine, and there are quite a few odd choices that make it to the "All Time Best Top 50". Of course most of these lists are always a popularity contest, and mostly have characters from recent movies... but lets take a look at the list:

1. Tyler Durden (A little too high on the list)
2. Darth Vader (Understandable... as long as they consider Anakin Skywalker a DIFFERENT character)
3. The Joker (I'm assuming this is the overrated The Dark Knight's Joker, in which case... yawn)
4. Han Solo (Is this the "Greedo Shot First" Solo? The Han Solo of Return of the Jedi?)
5. Hannibal Lecter (I have nothing to say here, but again I hope they only considered Silence of the Lambs)
6. Indiana Jones (Maybe should be a little higher than this)
7. The Dude (Just saw this movie recently, it was good)
8. Captain Jack Sparrow (This HAS to be a joke!)
9. Ellen Ripley (O.K.)
10. Vito Corleone (O.K.)
11. James Bond (Over John McClane?!)
12. John McClane (Behind James Bond?!)
13. Gollum (huh? why?)
14. The Terminator (The evil Terminator from the first movie, I hope)
15. Ferris Bueller (Maybe a little too high)
16. Neo (No Way! Really?)
17. Hans Gruber (The only worthwhile bad guy from the Die Hard series)
18. Travis Bickle (O.K.)
19. Jules Winnfield
20. Forrest Gump (Cool)
21. Michael Corleone (O.K.)
22. Ellis “Red” Redding (Cool)
23. Harry Callahan (O.K.)
24. Ash (Too High? Too Low? Probably fair)
25. Yoda (More Star Wars... at least no Anakin Skywalker, Grievous, Mace Windu, yet.)
26. Ron Burgundy (Really? C'mon! Frank the Tank is funnier. What about the Elf?)
27. Tony Montana (*shugh*)
28. Gandalf
29. Daniel Plainview (Haven't seen this yet)
30. Jigsaw (OVERRATED!)
31. Aragorn (More Lord of the Rings?! At least no Hobbits... yet)
32. Jason Bourne (Is this a character? "Shaky-cam" is a more important character in these movies)
33. Tequila (Haven't seen Hard Boiled)
34. Rocky Balboa (*shrug*)
35. Maximus Decimus Meridius (Ugh, Please!)
36. Harry Potter (I dont get it, but I'm in the minority)
37. Edward Scissorhands (The fact that it comes from the only Tim Burton movie I like must mean something)
38. Donnie Darko (I like this movie, but I dont remember the character being that special)
39. Marty McFly (Cool)
40. Patrick Bateman (Have nothing to say)
41. Mary Poppins (/nods)
42. Alex DeLarge (another bad guy)
43. The Man With No Name (cool)
44. Peter Venkman (Too Low!)
45. Amelie Poulain
46. Anton Chigurh (Have yet to see this movie)
47. Blade (Another joke)
48. Tony Stark (The movie was cool, and R.D.Jr did a good job with it, but Top 50?)
49. Walter Sobchak (O.K. I guess)
50. Quint (Too Low)

Where are George Bailey, Norman Bates, Ariel, Clarice Starling, Detective Mills, Charles Foster Kane, Marshall Kane, Atticus Finch, Jimmy Doyle, MacReady (or Jack Burton), McMurphy, Phillip Marlowe...


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