Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's gnome time!

I tried some months ago to draw my World of Warcraft character, a Hunter called Massimer. It didn't turn out all that well... at least not good enough for me to dare send it to Blizzard's Fan Art Program. The armor of my hunter was just to intricate, too complicated for me to draw (and quite frankly most WoW armor is complicated), I'm just too used to drawing superheroes in spandex.

Still, I wanted to send something to Blizzard, but I didn't want to try drawing Massimer again. So it occured to me I could draw my best friend in-game. Here is how this idea is shaping up. Oh, it also is my first coloring done with my new graphics tablet.
Missing the hostile ogres, and headtitle.

The pencil rough.

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