Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Golfing Reptiles

Here are a pair of rejected mascots for a golf website/portal. I thought the Gecko (on the right) was an animal you could easily find in a golf course, while the Gator was mostly as a homage to "Gator Golf" from that great game that was Sam and Max Hit the Road. I guess you can find alligators in some golf courses in Florida, I don't know. I don't like golf at all.

The final mascots picked for that golf site are not reptiles, but mammals, thankfully not tigers (how lame would that have been?)

Acá están un par de mascotas que fueron rechazadas para un site-portal de golf. El Gecko (a la derecha) es porque pensé que era un animal relativamente comun en un campo de golf, mientras que el aligator viene como homenaje a ese gran juego que era Sam and Max Hit the Road. Me imagino que se pueden conseguir aligatores en algunos campos de golf en Florida, no sé. No me gusta el golf para nada.

Las mascotas finales que se escogieron para el site no son reptiles, sino mamíferos, menos mal que no son tigres (eso hubiese sido super sonso).

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